11 May 2008

The D Word

I um'd and ah'd about writing about my beginning a diet but I thought that maybe writing about it would be theraputic - maybe boring, but theraputic. I know it seems that every person and their dog is on a diet but I need to lose some serious weight! We are talking halving the weight I am now. Yikes! So today I went to my first LighterLife meeting. I went for an introduction meeting a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow I start the diet proper! No food just shakes and bars. They told us that we would feel awful for the first 3 days so fingers crossed I don't feel too bad. I will let you know.

08 May 2008

Sempringham Abbey

I must wax lyrical about our local Abbey. I have been walking with the boys every morning up near the Abbey and it is stunning. It is a church really but there was an Abbey there before good old King Henry decided to demolish it. The views are spectacular and they have given me some inspiration for some new jewellery. I will keep you updated!

The boys love to run in the stream especially in this fabulous weather we have been having and I couldn't resist a piccy!

Well off to make a lily ring - no rest for the wicked!

27 April 2008

And They Call It - Poppy Love!

I know the title is a bit corny but hey I couldn't resist! Ah Donny Osmond YUM! Anyway enough about my youth, I have finished the poppy tiara to add to my collection. I studied the poppies in my garden and played around with the design as I wanted to give the petals the delicacy and movement of the real thing. I am so-o-o-o-o pleased with it, hope you like it too!

23 April 2008

Silver Rose Tiara and Bride of the Year

My big news is that I made a different tiara for the Rose Collection. I have made the design very contemporary as I decided the previous design needed updating. I have interspersed the roses with wavy lines of silver wire which I flattened slightly. A couple of people have tried it on who had wavy hair and it look great. I am really pleased with the overall look of the tiara.

I was over the moon when the rose tiara was chosen by the Newark Advertiser to crown their Bride of the Year at a competition held on 6th April 2008 at Southwell Racecourse. Amanda Aitchison was crowned with our Rose Tiara and our congratulations and best wishes go to Amanda and her husband-to-be, Christopher. We are not sure of the jaunty angle for the tiara but who are we to judge!!